Team 3313 FIRST Robotics

Alexandria's Team 3313 FIRST Robotics

Alexandria Area High School FIRST Robotics Team is advancing to the World Championships in Detroit, Michigan. Team 3313 Mechatronics traveled to Grand Forks last week and participated in their first regional event of two this year. At this regional, they secured their spot in the world championships by receiving the Chairman’s Award. It identifies the best model for other teams to emulate within FIRST Robotics and is the most prestigious award that can be given to any team in the program.

The team competed in a game this year titled “Deep Space.” In this challenge, teams were paired in an alliance of 2 other teams, making a group of 3. The goal of the game was to attach panels to the field spaceship while also launching and storing cargo inside them as well, all before a ‘sandstorm’ appeared and blocked the vision of each team’s driver. Team 3313 placed 20th out of 52 teams and was chosen by Team 8 to be on an alliance in the final matches.

Kailei Johnson from Team 3313 said, “I just couldn't believe that we had actually won it. Our team members have been working towards this for years and this year we put everything we had into so to actually hear our name called was amazing! Especially considering that there are around 60 teams at the competitions and only 1 receives this honor.“

Team 3313 Mechatronics will be competing in the North Star Regional from March 27th-30th and will then compete in the World Championships from April 24th-27th.

Below is an example video  of the challenge for this year's competition.