Spelling Bee Champions

(left to right) – Thomas Dutcher (4th grade from Garfield), Alli Praska (2nd grade from Voyager), Samara Groetsch (5th grade from Carlos), PJ Vanderheiden (1st grade from Voyager), and Lucas Korman (3rd grade from Miltona Science Magnet).

Sixty-two students in grades 1-5 participated in the Alexandria Public Schools Elementary Spelling Bee held January 18 at Woodland Elementary School.

After completing the written portion of the competition in the morning, the top scoring students advanced to the oral rounds. They were:

  • 1st grade: PJ Vanderheiden (VES), Joni Vanderheiden (VES), Kendall Bryce (WES), and William Sugden (GES)
  • 2nd grade: Jona Larson (VES), Alli Praska (VES), Colin Slack (VES) & Cael Stumvall (LES)
  • 3rd grade: Nils Stadsklev (GES), Lucas Korman (MES), & Mason Chalmers (WES)
  • 4th grade: Sully Glade (VES), Thomas Dutcher (GES), Alex Rodriguez (WES), & Lennon Justice (CES)
  • 5th grade: Blake Steussy (LES), Rhett Granning (LES), Samara Groetsch (CES), & Miles Bryce (WES)

Grade-level champions for the spelling bee and the word they spelled correctly to win the competition were:

  • PJ Vanderheiden, 1st grade, from Voyager Elementary – cereal  (Runner up – Joni Vanderheiden from Voyager)
  • Alli Praska, 2nd grade, from Voyager Elementary – serious  (Runner up – Jonas Larson from Voyager)
  • Lucas Korman, 3rd grade, from Miltona Science Magnet – suspicion  (Runner up – Mason Chalmers from Woodland)
  • Thomas Dutcher, 4th grade, from Voyager Elementary – quotient  (Runner up – Lennon Justice from Carlos)
  • Samara Groetsch, 5th grade, from Carlos Elementary – cylinder  (Runner up – Blake Steussy from Lincoln)