(Alexandria, MN) On Thursday, March 28th, Alexandria Public Schools hosted the 5th annual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Expo from 4:30-8:00 p.m. at Alexandria Area High School. This fun, educational event was free to attend and open to the public. Healthy food and refreshments were available for purchase.

The STEAM Expo creates education events appropriate for all ages, promoting science and the arts for PreK-12 and the community. The goal of the event was to create enthusiasm for learning through hands-on and interactive activities that demonstrate how much fun STEAM can be – showcasing the elements of STEAM curriculum and connecting learning with real-world application.

(VIDEO BELOW of 209 EVENT shot by AAHS senior Isaiah Schutz):

Some highlights of the event included: 

• The Bell Museum of Natural History ExploraDome Planetarium will feature The Solar System program. Participants of all ages explored the Sun, planets, moons, and more, and learn how Earth fits in with the structure of the Solar System.

• 20 exhibitors offered on-site engaging activities in their booth area for PreK-12 and community.

• Attendees of all ages had the opportunity to participate in fun hands-on activities in the state-of-the-art Culinary, Art and Design/Build high school learning labs. For example, you could have made an edible engineering project by trying your hand on the pottery wheel; watching 3D printers and other CNC machines and then taking home a free trinket.

• In the gymnasium you saw the high school robotics Mechatronics team demonstrate what their robot can do; people could work with the 3M Visiting Wizards to solve a “crime” while learning about crime solving and forensic techniques; or test your photo skills with a couple sample shots in a photo booth; and try hands-on activities with ALP Utilities to see heat using a thermal laser thermometer and an infrared camera.

• There were take-home projects – magnets to decorate, people could make their own creations with air dry clay, or assemble a cedar suet bird feeder to take home!

• Participants were able to tap into their artsy creative self in the Performing Arts Center.  You could handle and play with real musical instruments; and participate in some fun improv activities with the high school improv team.

• The high school visual arts students transformed you into a caricatured cartoon, which you were able to take home.

Full event details can be found on the district website at www.alexschools.org 

The STEAM Expo is made possible with support from: Alexandria Area High School ‘A’ Club, Alexandria Education Foundation, ALP Utilities, Alexandria Technical & Community College, Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management, Runestone Electric Association, and Sanford Health Alexandria.