Quincy Building Fire Pit Productions Stage

Quincy Roers is building the Fire Pit Productions Stage using materials donated by Hilltop Lumber.  The Theatre Company shares space at the Lakes Area Radio Theatre on Lake Geneva in Alexandria.

(Alexandria, MN) If it's been a while since you've seen live entertainment, you're not alone.  Many people are craving to hear live music, or see live theatre.  Fire Pit Productions founder Quincy Roers is trying to answer that call.  He is currently building an outdoor stage for their upcoming production called "The Fever."  Although its plot line is quite relevant given today's state of affairs, the lengths bars and restaurants, and entertainment venues are going through to provide opportunities for people is above and beyond.  Social distancing and the required protocols have led Roers to get creative.  That's nothing new to the man who has spent most of his life getting creative.  He has built numerous stages for the Andria Theatre as well as the indoor and now outdoor stages at Lakes Area Radio Theatre.  The following is a video story of Quincy's quest to "set the stage" for the upcoming show. (VIDEO BELOW)

The Fever is being performed on Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th at 6:00pm.  There will also be a 2:00pm matinee on Sunday June 14th. 

The Fever by Wallace Shawn 

Synopsis: Deliriously ill, the speaker is alone in a hotel in a poor foreign country during a "small" civil war...Speaking directly to the audience,The Fever is the literal friction of conflicting ideas, the fever being both physical and emotional.  An acute look at an ethical and philosophical awakening, arguing between being the "good person" one believes one is, and the dawing understanding of the cost of justifying living a comfortable life in this world.  This show contains a PG-13 rating due to very mild adult language.

The Fire Pit Productions are performed at the Lakes Area Radio Theatre located at 2214 Geneva Rd NE, Alexandria, MN 56308.


Here are some of the things we have been working on at Fire Pit for the upcoming show THE FEVER. As well as the restrictions that we will be using to ensure that you will be as safe as possible when coming here.

Hilltop Lumber has donated material for us to build a new outdoor stage. Right now it will be used for theatre productions, but we are looking at adding additional forms of outside entertainment in the near future.

We have purchased more additional area mics that will be hard-wired to the stage so we don't have to deal with the wireless interference that we dealt with last year.

We have added the use of a low-range FM radio transmitter to broadcast the microphones directly into your vehicles.

We will not be selling concessions at this show, but you are always welcome to bring stuff from home. We will have open lid garbage cans around the property for your disposal needs.

The indoor restrooms will be sanitized every 15 minutes.

The door handles will be sanitized after each use.

All volunteers and staff that will be helping with this production will be wearing masks

This show is FREE ADMISSION. To ease the concern of handling money, we have decided that we will do this show for free. There will be a few cash boxes by the entrances if you want to make a donation. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

We will be using 2 different seating options for the show and each one has it's own restrictions and difficulties that we will have to work with.

OPTION 1: Grass seating.

This is similar to what we have done in the past, but now, we cannot provide chairs for you. All blankets or chairs must be brought from home. We will be creating a seating grid in the yard that consists of 8 foot by 8 foot sections. Each family or group that comes together will be given a section (maximum of 6 people per unit) There will be some smaller units for couples or individuals.

OPTION 2: Drive in seating

We have added a drive in section that allows people to stay in their vehicles to enjoy the show. Vehicles must be 6 ft apart, and you must stay in your vehicle during the show. Sitting in truck beds and on tailgates is allowed. The rows will be staggered to allow better visibility to those that choose this method.

We thank you for supporting this theatre and our efforts to continue to bring challenging theatre to the area. With this being a new experience for us, we understand that there will be a learning curve. We will do our best to remedy any situations that may arise. Hope to see you all there.