Lakes Area Theatre

Lakes Area Theatre (LAT) is a local radio theatre company that airs on 16 radio stations regionally.

We are so ready for Fire Pits production of "The Diaries of Adam and Eve."

I put down ant killer, sprayed for bugs, spread weed killer.  We got lots of bug spray.  We will fog the stage and audience prior to the show....I can now assuredly tell you, we have the perfect Garden of Eden.

This a loving tale of the first couple.  Cute, lovable, warm, sensitive and a little sad at the end. Leah Drexler is the perfect Eve.  She is cute, lovable, warm and sensitive.  Quincy Roers is the little sad.  Well, okay, lots of sad as he is half the show.  It you wear one side blinder glasses and not look right, the show is amazing (Quincy is mostly on the right).

There is no adult language in the show.

Show starts at 6:30 pm - outside - bring a chair, we do have some here.

July 19, 20 and July 26,27.

Thank you for your support of live theater in Alexandria.