(Alexandria, MN) It's about seven miles from where Lakes Area Theatre had been for over ten years, along the shore of Lake Geneva to its new location.  Owner Mike Roers, Fire Pit Productions founder Quincy Roers and others have moved it and all its contents to Iowa.....Street.  The new theatre is inside the Indigo Plaza, not far from Interstate 94, just down the road from Target, and within a good 7- iron of Apol's Harley Davison.   

Friday night, July 9th at 7:00pm the theatre will be conducting a true test of the move as they record the first radio plays in the new space.  Long-time actor and new playwright Chuck Grussing's comedy radio play, "A Night With Ray and Iver" will be on stage for audiences to come and watch.  It is a radio play that eventually airs on close to 20 radio stations across the Midwest including each Saturday afternoon from 13:30-1:00pm on KXRA-AM 1490am/100.3FM.

Getting from the previous site was no small task.  It meant taking down all of the wiring, lighting, stage set-up, props, chairs, equipment and on and on.   We all understand how moving works; it needs to be transported and reassembled in the new space.  The new, slightly larger and taller space allows for a larger stage, a much more comfortable audience experience, and additional parking.  The newer Indigo Plaza building is also much more handicapped accessible than the old Geneva Lodge.  Quincy designed the new set, audience risers and railing. 

Speaking of Quincy, he has quite a bit on his plate this month as well.  In addition to all of the set design, construction, wiring, testing and finish work, he is directing and starring in a stage play that will open for audiences toward the end of July.  The hilarious British farce "Run for Your Wife" is a fast-paced show that will take the stage July 23, 24, 29, 30 and 31 at 7:00pm.

For a video story of the move, click on the following report from VOA's Joe Korkowski.

Lakes Area Theatre owner Mike Roers sold the building that had housed hundreds of radio plays and several stage productions through Fire Pit Productions. He found a new home for it on the other side of town in the Indigo Plaza, just down the block from Apol's Harley Davidson. He and Quincy got to work creating the new expanded space into one that will hopefully provide a lot of entertainment for years to come. VOA's Joe Korkowski gives us a glimpse of the move.