Lakes Area Radio Theatre

I know that next radio show at Lakes Area Radio Theatre is on Valentine’s Day, but we are going off script.  On stage are "Magnificent Montague" and "A Phil Byrnes Mystery" - A comedy and a murder mystery.  Ok, so maybe I don't understand this Valentine’s Day you speak of.

On Stage: All Edwards, Sue Edwards; Donna Magnuson, Chuck Grussing.  Bob Piotrowski on keyboard.

Phil Byrnes Mystery: Debutant in Danger

Written by Seattle playwright Sable Jak.  Phil Byrnes is a crime investigator.  In the story, we got covered up pasts, exciting bars, sexy waitresses and people on the run.  Phil is there to ramble through the chaos and solve the mystery.

The Magnificent Montague: Lost in Hollywood.

A re-creation of a story from 1951 – Edwin Montague – famed Shakespearean actor has to move from his beloved New York to depressing sunny Hollywood.  How do you even exist in this clean sunny confusing area.  Then the jokes fly. 

Come hear us record these two stories on Friday February 14th at 7 pm.  2214 Geneva Road NE in Alexandria.  Admission $8