(Alexandria MN) -- History Live is on from 9-5 on Friday and Saturday.  The days include plenty of family friendly fun and learning experiences.

Watch a tinsmith make pots and pans by hand.  An armorer will demonstrate making Medieval chain mail armor shirt and an expert will show you how to start a fire with flint and steel.   Hear the sound of the blacksmith’s hammer on hot iron and, for children, train in this ancient craft safely with hammer and clay.   Find out how much weight a Fur Trade worker could carry.  Watch a tipi be set up and go inside… Watch tipi poles being made from lodgepole pine trees…see women’s clothing from the 1860’s.   Learn how the traditional Ojibwe made use of what nature provided to survive cold Minnesota winters.  Talk with Civil War scholars and reenactors.  See Pie-O-neers bake pies over a fire.   

Little Ole has also made an appearance at the event with free "horns" available from Explore Alexandria Tourism.  The inflatable is available for photo ops until mid afternoon on Saturday.

Other displays and activities of interest include:

Authentic Tipi Set up

Fur Trade


Soap Making


Viking games

Clay Carving

Millinery Shop

Gunny Sack races

Fire Steel demonstrations

Civil War Solider – MN 5th Regiment

Viking Chain mail Armor

Wool spinning/dying

Hardanger Embroidery

Dutch Oven Cooking

Stories of life in the 1920’s

Old Time School

All about Guns and Safety – Friday Only

Wandering Guitar – Saturday Only

Traditional Scandinavian Music – Saturday Only

Butter Churning – Saturday Only

Cowboy Shoot Out – Saturday Only

Grab lunch from Angelina’s Food Truck!

The event is an annual function of the Runestone Museum.  There is a charge to enter, but this includes the museum and History Live events as well.  Adults: $8 Family: $20