Fire Pit Productions Presents: Cat's Paw

Fire Pit Productions, a subsidiary of Lakes Area Theatre, is proud to present a two-week series for their new show, "Cat's Paw" - Coming up Friday & Saturday, October 22nd & 23rd, as well as Friday & Saturday, October 29th & 30th.

This is an amazing stage play.  The Cat’s-Paw is a gripping drama about an unusual terrorist, one who is brilliant, articulate and right?  Victor is the head of a group responsible for a bomb attack at the White House in which 27 people have been killed.  He has a television news reporter led to his lair so she can tell the world why he has done what he has done. The cat and mouse game between the young woman reporter and Victor gets more and more tense, leading to a shocking and violent conclusion.

The shows are a 7 pm (doors open at 6pm) - Admission is $15 & tickets can be purchased at the door.

We have two new things  - super unique soda pop and some kind of crazy popcorn.  In addition, we sell Carlos Creek wines.