Ken Sandberg

Ken Sandberg is originally from Alexandria, MN and currently acts, sings, dances, writes and creates in New York.

(Alexandria, MN)  Fire Pit productions at Lakes Area Theatre has added an additional show - Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd at 7:30 pm

Fire Pit Productions passes along that they are "super pumped." Ken Sandberg - formally of Alexandria and currently a professional actor on the east coast is coming home to Alexandria to perform a show he has written called "The Death of..."  

The show will be performed at Lakes Area Theatre in Alexandria.

In order to make the theater available for this exciting opportunity they have moved the show, "Praying for rain" to February 2020.

Learn more about the show at

The Death of… (the one man show)

“My dad can beat up your dad!” There is a reason it is one of the earliest schoolyard taunts. If our parents are our first heroes, what can we learn about Superman by looking at our dads? What can we learn about our dads by looking at Superman? And what happens to our heroes when we grow up?

Rookie Haunting (two person show)

An inexperienced ghost floats into a bar. Is it the beginning of a cosmic joke, or are the secrets of the universe about to be revealed to a disgruntled bartender? Adapted from H.G. Wells’ popular short The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost, this play questions our assumptions about ghosts and the afterlife.

Ken Sandberg is a proud Alexandria, MN native. He graduated from Jefferson High School in 2003. Since then he has worked as a professional actor and musician across the country, received his Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University and his Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. His first play, The Death of… began life as his graduate thesis project, but has grown since. It had its public premiere in NYC at the Hudson Guild Theatre in February of 2019, and Ken is ecstatic to be bringing it home to Alexandria, where so many of the events that inspired the script happened.

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