Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is a breathtaking fairytale that was originally written in 1957 as a television production, later produced on Broadway, and finally, an adaptation was done in 2013.  It comes to the Alexandria Area High School PAC Theatre Nov. 21-24.

(Alexandria, MN) Each year when the time comes to pick the next AAHS fall musical, students try to guess what it could possibly be. They create lists and wait in anticipation for their theatre director Jessica Chipman to finally announce what it is. While the students go about their guessing games, Chipman looks through many Broadway titles, trying to see if they are the right fit. This year, she knew she had talented and hardworking students, along with the perfect space to produce Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. She had considered this musical a couple of times, but for 2019 she knew it was the right fit.

Jessica, along with cast members Isabella Greathouse, Nick Nelson and Joslyn Swenson were guests on KXRA's Openline program November 13th. (AUDIO BELOW)

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is a breathtaking fairytale that was originally written in 1957 as a television production, later produced on Broadway, and finally, an adaptation was done in 2013. The 2013 production has been done on many stages, as audiences fell in love with this version of the princess’s tale. The story begins when the audience meets Ella (also known as Cinderella), a girl in tattered clothing and who has a kind smile. Quickly we learn that Ella has to do all of the work around the house in which she shares with her stepmother Madame, and her two stepsisters Gabrielle and Charlotte. We also see how kind she is, as she treats a lady in her town nicknamed Crazy Marie with patience and love. As it turns out, Marie is someone who can help Ella go in the right direction to achieve her dreams. Thus, even after being torn down multiple times by her stepmother and her own fears, Ella pursues her dreams. The show has very big characters, along with very big numbers. While there are many fun numbers and moments, audience members may want to bring along a tissue, as Isabella Greathouse, the student who plays Cinderella, conveys the character’s tough moments with stunning emotion.

Something that often is forgotten that goes into the casting process, is the thought of family. Will the cast members make a family? Right away in the beginning days of their summer rehearsals, the cast of Cinderella had shown that they were already becoming a tight-knit group. They cheer one another on during dances, they cheer at the end of amazing solos and duets, and often tell each other how much they love everyone. The students get “show buddies,” which is where Chipman randomly assigns one cast member to another cast member, and they become show buddies. Show buddies check in with one another and help each other out if the other is feeling discouraged or feels they aren’t doing something right. Before rehearsal, the cast meets up in a big circle with their director to do exercises, where they dance together and share something they love, or sometimes how their day is going. The last thing they do is check everybody’s energy level on a scale from 1 to 10, and try to get everybody at a 10 by supporting one another.

The show Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is not a musical that is for kids only. Every age can find something to relate to and to take away from this musical, and put those lessons into their everyday lives. Greathouse herself is one of the people who loves the story of Cinderella, and says her favorite part of playing Ella is “the feeling that Ella gets when she realizes anything is possible, when she gets the shoes and the gown, is so wonderful, I think it’s the most magical I’ve ever felt.” Audiences of all ages are sure to feel that magic in their own hearts.

Every song in this show has something to contribute to the story, from upbeat songs such as “The Prince is Giving a Ball” to “Ten Minute Ago,” a duet between Ella and Prince Topher about falling in love. Particularly exciting this year for the fall musical is the addition of a children’s choir made up of District 206 students, who will help tell the story of Ella reaching for her dreams.The songs are sure to keep audience members on the edge of their seats as they watch the beautiful movement and listen to the harmonies being performed by the students.

Joining Greathouse in principal roles are junior Nick Nelson as Prince Topher, senior Sidney Trousil as Marie, junior Brooke Houska as Madame, junior Aubrey Kosters as Charlotte, senior Emily Elliott as Gabrielle, junior Christian Fleming as Lord Pinkleton, junior Zach Kent as Sebastian, and junior Regan Peterson as Jean-Michele. Junior Jacob Tiegen and sophomores Anna Meehan and Liz Workman are the stage managers. Kayla Noble is the assistant director and vocal coach, Raymond Noble is the pit director and sound engineer, and Jay Chipman is the set designer. Jackson Grove is the choreographer with incidental choreography by Isabella Greathouse, and Mark Halvorson is the light designer. The show runs from November 21-23 at 7:30pm, and November 23-24 at 2:00pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students, and you can purchase your tickets at

For a glimpse into the on this video link.


  • CINDERELLA Isabella Greathouse
  • PRINCE TOPHER Nick Nelson
  • MARIE Sidney Trousil
  • SEBASTIAN Zach Kent
  • MADAME Brooke Houska
  • CHARLOTTE Aubrey Kosters
  • GABRIELLE Emily Elliott
  • JEAN-MICHELLE Regan Peterson
  • LORD PINKLETON Christian Fleming


  • Matt Adolphsen
  • Tai Auran
  • Ben Borden
  • Rachel Boyden
  • Noah Capouch
  • Ben Cook
  • Jeryn Drewes
  • Brynn Kosters
  • Isaac Kent
  • Sydney Larson
  • Brett Strandskov
  • Joslyn Swenson
  • Bianca Wegner
  • Parker Zwach


  • Beaux Asche
  • Adeline Auran
  • Mae Denne
  • Ruby Chipman
  • Olivia Dahmes
  • Sydney Edwards
  • Briggs Hochhalter
  • Spencer Moore
  • Dhani Wencl-Singh
  • Evelyn Westerberg


  • Jacob Tiegen
  • Anna Meehan
  • Liz Workman


  • Brett Strandskov
  • Joslyn Swenson


  • Conner Arndt
  • Caitlin Erickson
  • Jacob Fleming
  • Megan Fuchs
  • Faith Johannes
  • Kassidy Huwe
  • Ryla Johnson
  • Marissa Mellgren
  • Aubrey Minnerath
  • Claire Monceaux
  • Jordan Rymer
  • Grace Schmidt
  • Hannah Ward
  • Elizabeth Winter
  • Emma Hochhalter
  • Madison O’Shea
  • Dominique Eddy
  • Autumn Bruns
  • Brandon Arvidson
  • Sarah Finazzo
  • Kylee Dummer
  • Abigail Nelson
  • Elena Fuglestad


  • Truett Berglund
  • Abigail Dare
  • Bryant Johnson
  • Isaac Kent
  • Emma Olson
  • David Fleming
  • Sadie Green
  • Peyton Green
  • Amanda Bittman
  • Olivia Maday
  • Jake Sirra
  • Josh Keitzman
  • Makayla Beulke
  • CJ Scribner
  • Brian Denke
  • Angelina Caron
  • Sarah Fuchs
  • Catherine Rademacher
  • Anna Allen
  • Anna Dare
  • Macahila HinnenKamp
  • Amanda Larson
  • Sarah Jiang
  • Avery Hagstrom
  • Joria Downing
  • Teresa Bitzan

Message from the AAHS Theatre Department

In addition to this year’s fall musical, the AAHS theatre department is proud to announce an exciting opportunity that has been offered to us - a trip to Scotland! The AAHS theatre department has been scouted to participate in the world’s largest theatre festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is an incredible opportunity - one that only comes once in a lifetime. If you’ve enjoyed our productions in the past, one way you can support the AAHS theatre program is to consider donating towards this trip. 

We could not be more ecstatic to represent our community across the globe! But, we are looking for community support to help us get there. Our goal is a hefty $45,000 which will go towards offsetting the cost of $6,400 per student attending. No amount is too small! In fact, we hope you would consider donating $8--the price of one student ticket to Cinderella--toward our student trip.

If you or your company are interested in donating, you may follow the link below, which offers a tax-deductible donation option through the Alexandria Education Foundation. More information is available on this website. Once on the website, click on “The Arts Fund” box and designate with the note: AAHS Theatre (Scotland Trip).