(Alexandria, MN) Dustin and Niki Knight had hoped to introduce their new company to the public during this year's Ole Oppe Festival on Memorial Weekend.  Unfortunately the annual celebration, along with countless other events, was cancelled this year.  That's when Adam Graf and Dave Gibbons of Copper Trail Brewing Company contacted the Knights to see what could be done.  The couple own United States Axe; a venue that has its very own indoor axe throwing entertainment.  Yes, a place where you can throw axes at a target!  The business itself is just opening up in the Nordic Center (former REA Building) on May 21st. With Graf's prompting and encouragement, the Knights plan to hold their first tournament at Copper Trail this Saturday and Sunday. 

In order to meet social distancing guidelines, the two-person team competition will be set up by appointment.  Teams will register online through the company's website, or through links on their facebook page.

The Knights say the sport has been around since 400 A.D. and is fun for everyone from 12-112.

Dustin talks with VOA's Joe Korkowski about the tournament and the company itself. (AUDIO BELOW)

Adam Graf of Copper Trail talks about how the tournament will work at their downtown location. (AUDIO BELOW)

The Axe throwing tournament is from noon to 4:00pm on Saturday, May 23rd and on Sunday, May 24th (time dependent on winners from Saturday's tournament rounds).  It will be held at Copper Trail, but US Axe will provide a safe area with protections for any people watching the competition.  In addition to the competition, there will be throwing lessons and a grand opening celebration. 

Beer will not be available to drink on the premises, but can be purchased curbside. 

For more information on United States Axe you can contact them at (320) 808-8637 or via email at info@unitedstatesaxe.com .