Alto Reed Back Stage

Michael Right (center) catches up with Alto Reed (in sunglasses) Back Stage

(Alexandria, MN.)  If I asked for a show of hands and asked: "Who's life has NOT been affected by the music of The Eagles?" I would hope that nobody dare to raise their hand.  We just lost David Bowie not even a week ago, shocking as it was, but now Glenn Frey.  With the sad news of his passing, I took it like getting hit in the gut by a heavyweight prize fighter.  Maybe you did, too.  He had just undergone intestinal surgery for the second time in over 20 years within the past couple of weeks and was trying to recover.  He died yesterday, January 18th due to complications from the surgery along with pneumonia.  Such a roster of hits for The Eagles dating all the way back to 1971 with Glenn doing the lead vocals on their very first single released, "Take It Easy" and Glenn offering up his vocal talents on other huge Eagles hits like "Lyin' Eyes", "Already Gone", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", Heartache Tonight", "New Kid In Town" and so many more.  The Eagles officially broke up in 1980, reuniting briefly in 1995 to put out the album "Hell Freezes Over" which gave us four great new studio tracks and some stellar live versions of their classics.  They laid fairly low again for a while after that and have reunited to tour...and do a little recording...several times since.  Their most recent tour, which JUST ended a couple of months ago, began a couple of years ago dubbed as "The History Of The Eagles" in which the band members would not only do all of their biggest hits, but actually took the time out and talk to the audience after every song to deliver a little insight into every song.  Those that saw that tour were very fortunate to see such a performance, doing it the  way THEY wanted to.  Little did we know, it would be the last time we would see Glenn Frey.

Glenn's best friend, other than band-mate Don Henley, was Bob Seger.  Both are natives of my hometown of Detroit, Michigan.  Both were actually in a band that kicked around the Detroit area in the mid-'60's and Glenn even played acoustic guitar and sang back-up vocals on Bob's first major hit, "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" in 1968.  Bob, who today is very devastated at the loss, referred to Frey as his "kid brother" and also (not as a slam to Mr. Henley) "the true leader of The Eagles. Make no mistake about that".

Bob's long-time sax player and a friend of mine, Alto Reed...whom I have interview three times before on my morning show...was also a friend of Glenn Frey.  I texted Alto earlier this morning and humbly asked him if I could get just ten minutes of his time to share a memory of his friend on this very difficult day for him.  He called back right away to give me the green light.  We also talked about a few other things as well.  So dear friend...THANK YOU for taking the time and giving me such a golden, exclusive opportunity.

The interview went just short of 27 minutes, so the interview is in two parts.  Click on the buttons under related audio clips and enjoy this wonderful conversation!