(Alexandria, MN)  The Facebook Group Helping Hands of Alexandria, MN has been doing a little bit of everything to help those in need during this coronavirus pandemic.  Their latest effort was another example of that.  Kelsi Timm is one of the organizers of the group.  She was sure to pass out the thanks to Connie Fields, Joni Holm Jacobson, Rondi Wussow and Sara Peterson for spearheading the initiative to bless daycare providers.  The blessing came in the form of laundry baskets filled with some essentials.  Kelsi says "being a former provider I can imagine how much this will mean to them."   Kelsi was grateful for all of the donations that came in financially and for all of the people who dropped off supplies. (She names Barb Ziegelman, St. Luke’s Church, Gabriel Anderson, Douglas County ECI, Central Lakes Symphony, Cherry Street Books, CosmoProf, Dorothy Sayre, Pat Finnestad, Monica Klimek, Jamie Kleve, Erika Traphagen, Toni Stennes, Missy McCleary, Kelli Witt, Tricia Hennen Mages, Thrivent, Danielle, and and several more she regrets not being able to mention.)

Kelsi then thanked a number of people who helped get the baskets filled and sent out, including Toby Weibye, Josh Timm, Rondi Wussow, Katie Wussow, Connie Fields and Nattiel Dammerr.

There were also volunteers who delivered the baskets this (Friday) morning! (Delivery worker photos she says she missed on her Facebook page, included: Bill Fisher, Sue Davison, Michael Wussow, Michael, Connie Fields, + Lisa Bowden.)

So many good things are happening amid this crisis. Another partnership was established when The Car Care Program we said, "what can we do?" As of today, Friday, The Car Care Program has created a vehicle to join together with Helping Hands of Alexandria to run errands and fulfill their volunteer opportunities. They thank everyone who collaborated so quickly to make this happen including The Car Care Program, Helping Hands of Alexandria and Winning Edge Graphics.

As a final thank you Kelsi thanked all the daycare providers and daycare center workers. "We appreciate you so much! We are praying for you and the families you care for!"