Viking Plaza Mall

(FILE PHOTO) Viking Plaza Mall (North side).  Management and business owners hope the public will come back once the doors reopen May 18th. 

(Alexandria, MN)  Thursday, Mall of America management announced it will reopen to the public on June 1st.  MOA has more than 520 stores and restaurants.  Scot Snitker manages the Viking Plaza Mall in Alexandria.  He says the stores will be open to the public on Monday, May 18th.  The mall closed back on March 14th.  A number of people use the space for exercise.  He says because of that the mall will be open to walkers an hour before the mall officially opens each day (Open to walkers- 9:00am M-Sat, 11:00am Sun).

Snitker adds there will be a lot of protocols the mall will undergo to make sure it abides by the Governor's safety requirements.  Although shoppers will be allowed to walk about freely to go about their businesses, little precautions have been made.  Seating areas and the play areas have been removed and stored.  Mall staff will be sanitizing the doors and other surfaces hourly and will wear masks.  The bathrooms will be open and will be cleaned regularly as well.

Most of the stores will reopen but Snitker says its up to them as they hire back staff and get inventory.  Snitker says they will provide daily updates on Facebook.  He also mentioned that as a result of the downtown Alexandria fire both Hidden Treasures and Raapers (Catering) have been utilizing space at the mall to continue operating.

Scot talks about the opening up of the mall with VOA's Joe Korkowski (AUDIO BELOW)

Scot says plans are still in the works to fill various open areas  once occupied by JcPenney and Herbergers.  He hopes to have an announcement soon.