(Alexandria, MN)  Dionne Peterson was talking with her 7 year old son the other day and he had an idea.  Casey was thinking about how he used to visit his grandparents at Grand Arbor, but now wasn't able to.  He wanted to know what he could do for all of the other grandpas and grandmas who aren't able to receive visitors.  The idea was simply to paint a picture....for all of them.  Well, that was something Dionne would have loved to have done, but with the potential for hundreds of paintings, she opted to find a place that was a little smaller so they could bless "everyone" who lived there.  Settling in on Edgewood Vista as the place, the mother-son duo began painting the pictures using their hand prints as a focal point.  Dionne felt that her son's smile brightens her day, so she included a little picture of her smiling Casey as well.  

Dionne contacted Helping Hands of Alexandria and they were able to help her with the additional gift of Easter candy for not only the residents, but the staff at Edgewood Vista as well.  The project took a couple of weeks to finish and culminated with them dropping off their "gifts" this week.  Dionne says she longed to hug all of the people there, both residents and staff.  Regardless of that wish, she does hope they can return "after" the pandemic clears up and do that.

You can hear our conversation with Dionne by clicking on the following AUDIO clip (below).