Katie reading We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Katie Satterlier is reading the kid's book, "We're Going On A Bear Hunt."  It's the title behind a fun game for families looking for something to do with their kids during this quarantine time.

(Alexandria, MN)  Katie Satterlie of Alexandria received a screen shot picture of a program from "Project Quarantine 2020" over the weekend.  It was encouraging people to go on a bear hunt.  Not with a gun in the woods, but in the windows of homes throughout the neighborhood.

The challenge's name was inspired by the book, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen.  Katie is running with it and people are responding.  For the local challenge, people are asked to put stuffed animal bears in their windows throughout Alexandria.  After just over a day, more than a hundred people have done so and Katie says its expanded to Carlos and Miltona as well.  Katie credits help from the Helping Hands Facebook Group and friends who responded to her facebook video for the response.

To go on the bear hunt kids need to ask their parents if they can go for a car ride or walk in the neighborhood.  Cautious of the CDC social distancing requirements, there is not danger of exposing that precious cargo to the coronavirus.  They simple look out the window for teddy bears.  When they see one they get the satisfaction of finding one, and the game moves on.

Katie doesn't have any kids of her own, but she has nieces and nephews.  As a worker in the Alomere Health system she felt the community needed something positive to fill the time during this stressful period in our history.

Here is Katie's invite to kids as her on her Facebook Page.