July 14th, 2020 Statistics

July 14th, 2020 Statistics from the MN Dept. of Health.

(July 14, 2020) Horizon Public Health has taken the analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic to another level of study.  HPH has released more detailed statistics for each of its five counties that it serves, Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens and Traverse regarding COVID-19 cases on its website.  The information comes from the Minnesota Department of Health.  As a disclaimer the site says that all data is preliminary and may change as cases and contact investigations continue.

Ann Stehn, Administrator for Horizon Public Health talks about the benefit of having these statistics available to the public. (AUDIO BELOW)

Some of the areas of particular interest are the numbers of active cases within each county.  As of this posting, throughout the five counties there are 139 confirmed cases.  Currently 27 of those cases are still active with 3 people having been hospitalized since the pandemic began and two them were at one time in ICU.  The median age of people testing positive for COVID-19 within the five counties is listed as 37.5 years old.  It also shows the increase of numbers over the past month.  On June 14th the five counties included 69 total cases, having more than doubled as of July 14th.  Grant County has the highest cases by rate per 100,000 with a 525/100,000 ratio.  Traverse County is second with 240/100,000.  Only 6% of cases across all five counties involve residents of congregate living.