The Veteran’s Memorial Park was home to a special ceremony early this morning.

Those who were honored on the STAR donor wall, along with community leaders were welcomed to a ceremony at 5:00am today at the park.

Veteran and member of the Veterans Memorial Park committee, Roger Blank,

is grateful for the response from everybody who helped make the park a reality.

Mayor Sara Carlson feels the same way and was excited about the chance to celebrate months, and years, of collaboration.

For Chelsey Koopman, today was another emotional day. Her late husband, veteran Joe Koopman, is honored at the park with one of the benches. She says the park is a special place for her family.

Committee member and veteran Jim Conn says that all of the people who contributed time, treasure and talent are to be both congratulated and thanked for being a vital ingredient of one of the finest Veteran/City Parks in the Nation.

Conn says, "A powerful, unforgettable thanks was delivered to all of you on opening day when my mind became etched with the scene of a kneeling lady weeping with remembrance while caressing a veteran’s name - engraved in stone alongside over 7,000 other veterans – and now a Memorial for the ages."

The Veterans Memorial Park is located at the corner of 8th and Broadway. The park is open to the public for those adhering to protocols concerning social distancing.

You can learn more about the park on their website